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Xbox Code-to-Content

What happens when you join forces with one of the world’s premier gaming brands?

Ready Platform One

Revel helped Microsoft envision how Code-to-Content could be streamlined by automating the process and creating a future concept of an ideal user experience—not just for Microsoft, but for the 24 game publishers across the globe and the more than 50 retail partners that will use the tool. The new digital collaboration platform is designed to improve data quality, increase throughput, reduce costs and time to market, and drive transparency across C2C’s global coverage.


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Game On

Previously the process of making a game available on the Xbox platform was cumbersome and manual, involving email back-and-forth and an Excel spreadsheet. After we successfully demonstrated how a digital collaboration platform could transform its operations, C2C awarded Revel the next phase of the project—the development—which is currently under way.


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