Samsung Multi-Device Environment

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Samsung Multi-Device Environment

Envisioning the Future of Connected Homes

The Changing Definition of Home

The proliferation of on-demand products and services that can now be provided at home is changing the very concept of home. Technology has allowed for greater autonomy, enabling the delivery of basic needs, ability to work, and opportunity to socialize without people ever having to leave home. Revel sees the smart home as not just a place: it is the combination of a feeling and a group of activities.


of workers with advanced degrees

work from home on a regular basis.

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Samsung as a Life Platform

As more and more connections are built into a residence, the home is quickly becoming a life platform—a place of comfort, security, and simplicity. Revel identified three methods for Samsung to own the market and create a truly smart home: retrofitting older technology, creating a software solution to communicate with disparate devices, or leveraging the current product mix and unifying the operating systems. Empowerment used to be ownership; now, it’s flexibility.

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Americans spend 8 more days

at home than a decade ago.

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