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Transforming Data into Predictive Insights

With just four months to deliver 15 predictive models for key go-to-market (GTM) plays of specific product offering groupings, Revel assembled a nimble yet capable team of data scientists, technical architects, and others, and got right to work.

The Revel team used more than 1,500 features (or data attributes) from six groupings of data sources. As no historical data existed to perfectly represent the key GTM plays, many features were created by proxy, greatly increasing the complexity. To solve for this, the team leveraged Microsoft SSAS to create tabular data models and Jupyter Notebook for feature engineering.

After defining the data features of each GTM play, the team used XG Boost and Auto-Sklearn in Python to develop the machine learning models and auto_ml to accelerate hyperparameter tuning to make up for time invested in feature engineering. The entire solution was developed within Docker and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). With accurate predictions created, the team employed Microsoft Power BI to provide a visualization of model results and deliver meaningful insights to the Service group’s leadership team.

1,500 Features

from six data source groupings

Xbox Code-to-Content admin dashboard interface

Seeing Is Believing

Using the visualized model outputs, Revel’s client now has a clearer picture of its customers’ unique, specific needs—and a better idea of how it can improve their experiences and deepen engagements.

Customers aren’t the only ones to benefit. The solution gives the Services group’s worldwide sales reps additional capacity to practice their craft, as a continuously full queue of qualified leads is served to them daily. This means they can spend more time with customers and less time chasing down leads, leading to improved productivity and higher levels of employee engagement. What’s more, cross-sell and upsell opportunities for selected Services accounts are now shared with the company’s Enterprise Sales Team, improving profitability.

Satisfying customers,

empowering sales reps

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