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Unlocking Creativity and Innovation in the Modern Workplace


Modern workplaces are flexible, employee-centric organizations that innovate with agility, using transparent information that employees can access anytime, anywhere.

How do we unlock creativity and innovation in employees to bring out the best in everyone in the organization? The digital organization uses technology and processes to simplify employee experiences, support them in their creative work, and facilitate secure collaboration to overcome geographic and other barriers. They are freeing employees to innovate and follow their passions, inspiring them to perform their best work.


“Leaders have to think about everything from culture to well-being to purpose and meaning — and make it all come to life in a personalized way for employees, both in person and through digital channels.”

Ryan Pendell, Gallup, Oct 2018

Personalized employee experiences – Digital technologies like AI make it possible to adapt the workplace to the employee and elevate the individual experience. Granular data collection that focuses on distinct employee interactions can lead to digitizing routine tasks and surfacing proactive insights, in turn freeing employees to maximize their strengths and deliver faster, higher-impact work.

Collaborating through mixed reality – As employees become increasingly dispersed, visual communications using mixed reality can make remote interaction more effective and increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Leading to new ways of solving problems, multiplying the number of innovative ideas generated in a shorter time, and enabling on-demand expertise without the travel time or expense.

Changing structures – Team structures that allow for more autonomous and swarming team organization are taking the place of traditional models, freeing employees to develop ideas more spontaneously and allowing for faster time to market. In a more fluid organization, career paths also could take different tracks—giving employees impetus to explore various departments and providing them with cross-functional experiences to enrich the perspectives they lend to their teams.

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Empowering people in the digital age

The journey to a modern workplace requires more than unlocking creative human potential. A more comprehensive view is necessary to define the transformation needed to foster more seamless interactions and alignment around everyone contributing to the same mission.

Key questions can help organizations determine their path to transformation:

  • How do we bring everyone together across a variety of backgrounds, demographics, functional roles, and skills to accelerate change?
  • How do we use technology to promote diversity and increase talent retention?
  • How do we drive a digital culture shift?
  • How do we gain more return on current productivity investments?





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Revel InsightsUnlocking Creativity and Innovation in the Modern Workplace

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