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Peak Empowerment at Digital Summit Seattle

In February, Revel gathered at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle to join fellow digital leaders and marketing experts at the annual Digital Summit Seattle. This two-day long conference focused on exploring thought leadership and practical marketing solutions to enable long-term customer strategies. Featuring notable speakers such as Randi Zuckerberg of Zuckerberg Media and  Beverly Jackson of MGM Resorts International, Digital Summit Seattle brought with it a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and actionable insights.

Over the course of two days, presenters from across the U.S. spoke on a variety of thought-provoking topics—including “The Profile of the Future Consumer,” the “Impact of AI on Digital Marketing, and “Customer Obsessed Digital User Engagement.” Each session provided a unique perspective on the evolution of digital marketing and the transformation of how customers engage with products and services. Ultimately, it’s about capturing and retaining the attention of consumers through thoughtfully curated, personalized content and experiences.

A resounding theme of the conference was the importance of empowerment—both within organizations and across customer experiences. Empowering teams to quickly transform ideas into action is the difference between grabbing consumer attention and converting that attention into desired interactions. This happens when marketers understand and exercise the power of technology to maximize both human-driven and platform-driven interactions.

With dozens of speakers representing many of today’s leading companies occupying the convention center floor, Digital Summit Seattle offered an amazing opportunity to converse with and learn from so many inspiring individuals.

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