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The Future of Interaction Design

SEATTLE, March 4, 2019 – Earlier this month Revel participated in Interaction 19, the Interaction Design Association’s three-day conference exploring the future of interaction design and the transformative experiences it empowers. Interaction 19 assembled a diverse group of practitioners and academics from around the world that are dedicated to creating meaningful relationships between people and the products and services they use.

The conference highlighted mobility, simplicity, and inclusivity, and it was these overarching themes that tied together various and different perspectives. The three days were packed with meaningful, compelling presentations and keynote speakers. John Maeda, in particular, spoke persuasively about the need for people to embrace the mindset of the “Maker-Talker”— in other words, Love What You Do, Opt-in, and See What Can Be.

Ethics and empathy were also central components of many presentations, with the intent of using them to connect the dots between building trust and sparking meaningful transformation for customers and employees alike. So many other great speakers brought life to the conference, and it was a rewarding to not only gain new tools our creative toolbox but also hear experts validate the skills and methods we use every day to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Interaction 19 presenter addresses seated audiencePodium with Interaction 19 signage wrapStanding Interaction 19 participants and UX pioneer Don Norman lift knees and raise hands during presentationUser experience pioneer Don Norman presents at Interaction 19

About Revel

Revel is a full-service digital experiences consultancy led by thinkers, designers, storytellers and makers excited by the limitless opportunities each tomorrow brings. From its offices in Seattle and San Francisco, the firm develops innovative business models, designs powerful user experiences, activates seamless operations, and manages the technology platforms that bring true digital transformation to life. With empathy as its guiding principle, Revel’s human-centered business philosophy attracts and inspires people to create substantial value and achieve more together.

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