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Empowering Customer Success with Leading Gaming Company

We’re excited to announce that Revel has recently partnered with one of the largest gaming brands in the U.S. to transform the digital sales experience for those customers who engage with the company’s online subscriptions model. As an industry leader, this company sought to reimagine key customer interactions impacting its online subscription services, beginning first with its customer contact centers. As more and more companies introduce subscription services, it is imperative that customer success stays top-of-mind and that customer interactions are meaningful and positive throughout – after all, one bad customer experience makes all the difference between a loyal customer and a lost one.

Revel is currently running workshops to identify key moments in the customer journey. Tactically, these improvements manifest themselves in defining and designing the right tools, mindsets, and platforms necessary to accelerate the close rate of assisted subscription and product sales through the company’s contact centers, while also identifying opportunities to reduce customer cancellations of online subscriptions.

Pictured above: Revel’s Minji Kim white-boarding the full customer journey.


HUGE THANK YOU to Josh Krohn, Sr. Associate in our Transformation community. His belief in our offerings and personal referral were the catalyst to unlocking his professional network and this opportunity.

Christine Aylett and Andrew Wolford, from our Technology community, invested their personal expertise to produce topic modeling and create web analytics insights using machine learning to strengthen our story. And finally, our Strategy & Design team – Steven Silverman, Marc Perez, Joe Ehrbar, Minji Kim, Michael Robbins, and James Watson – brought the journey to life, to deliver the final work.

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