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Educating Users on the Power of Knowledge Platforms

Adding to its list of client partners, Revel recently joined forces with a Bellevue-based startup to educate users on the power of the company’s AI- and machine-learning-based knowledge platform. The startup’s aim is to modernize critical operational decision-making for businesses, with the ultimate goal of becoming the Knowledge Layer in any business’s digital stack.

As with many startups, Revel’s client must balance growth with thoughtful customer experiences to ensure users maximize product features and ultimately become evangelists. In recent months, this startup has enjoyed sustained and significant growth. To further accelerate the company’s growth, it is critical that key users have the education and understanding to adopt and quickly and effectively implement the platform within their organizations.

The startup turned to Revel to design and deliver self-service learning as well as curate the “right” user community engagement experiences. Our team of Organizational Engagement experts readily identified areas within the onboarding experience to operationalize the education process, improve how users interact with the platform’s suite of services, and enable self-service with as little friction as possible.

Due to the highly technical and complex nature of the startup’s products, it was vital that our team invest adequate time to understand the platform and its applications. Leading with our user-centered mindset enabled us to take an empathetic approach to how users interacted with and consumed product information. This ultimately led to thoughtfully curated and designed content, including product and role guides, tutorials, and assorted reference materials.

We want to recognize and thank Revel’s Matt Little and Kelli Ward for their hard work, dedication, and continued passion in Organizational Enablement. They were instrumental in the successful delivery of this work.

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revel_wordpress_adminEducating Users on the Power of Knowledge Platforms

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