Optimizing the Trial Experience

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The Blurred Line Between B2B and B2C

Reducing sales friction along an enterprise SaaS solution’s trial journey.

Uncovering the Pain Points

We created empathy maps to define users’ needs, and then developed customer stories to highlight the range of emotions customers may feel throughout the process. With these hypotheses in mind, we began gathering both qualitative and quantitative data via surveys and one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and usability testing, all of which helped surface insights and opportunities to inform the future SaaS trial experience.

All participants had some type of

difficulty with trial process.

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Converting from Trial to Consumption

Revel designed an optimized landing experience as a proof of concept to help visualize the implementation of the research feedback. Maintaining a clean, bold look, the redesigned hub gives users options around onboarding, such as a guided tour of relevant features and a centralized easy-to-access repository for additional resources on tools and apps.


of trial users surveyed felt

part of the setup was difficult, confusing, or overwhelming.

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Matty McBrideOptimizing the Trial Experience