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Digitally Connecting the Global Sales Force

A leading software company’s Enterprise Support group, which provides technical support to thousands of companies and organizations worldwide, sought to recast its support offering around maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) to scale its services to new and existing customers. This is a substantial opportunity for the group’s more than 1,700 salespeople, services executives, and support staff to target and engage customers more effectively across all areas of the sales experience—from acquisition and onboarding to continuous engagement and potential upsell opportunities.

The Enterprise Support team understood that the ability to effectively attract and retain customers requires greater personalization, customization, and engagement. However, with a globally dispersed organization such as this one, achieving synchronicity, organization, and continuous information flow posed a huge challenge. How can the Enterprise Support group facilitate in-house self-service in a way that would enable sales personnel to self-manage the end-to-end customer experience with minimum internal friction?

Revel’s solution: enacting digitally enabled guided sales leveraging our client’s existing technology stack. In just three months, we defined, designed, and ultimately deployed the first phase of a globally scalable, custom digital solution that would maximize sales resonance and adoption. The Guided Sales App includes a single sign-on sales dashboard and portal app that connects users to approved sales content, processes, and more from any device, anytime, anywhere. This guided sales tool brings together a massive organization onto a single source of truth in a streamlined, intuitive, and personalized digital experience.

Revel recently joined the client to successfully introduce the app at an industry event, where its launch was met with high praise and excitement. The team has also begun work to define future phases of the app’s evolution, which will see expanded features and capabilities, such as analytics tracking and reporting, real-time customer insights and information, the integration of other digital tools and technologies, and more. The end goal: to redefine the robust sales experience.

Special recognition goes out to all our Revelers for their hard work and dedication to make this program possible. Thank you to Jonathan Spatacean, Chris Grothkopp, Dana Reinert, Jason Nazario, Joseph Ho,  Sean Stewart and Jim Love, for continuing to exemplify what it means to ‘see what can be’ through your hard work, dedication, and passion for delivering high caliber work day in and day out.

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