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Cloud Segmentation Shifts from Demographics to Psychographics

Would it surprise you to learn that Budweiser drinkers are 42% more likely to drive a truck than the average person, while Heineken drinkers are 29% more likely to drive sports cars? And if you like Blue Moon well you’re 105% more likely to drive a hybrid, 77% more likely to own Apple Mac laptops, and 65% more likely to purchase five pairs or more of sneakers every year.

These may sound like spurious correlations but they are based on personality and trait tests of 2600 individuals by a psychographic research firm who hypothesized that beer choices are so personal that they may in fact provide a “window to the soul” of the consumer. While the topic is lighthearted, the idea that you should segment your customers based on their deep-seated beliefs and motivations (i.e. psychographic information) has created a profound shift in the way marketing is done today.

Customer personas – a collection of shared beliefs, needs and behaviors across a target group – do exist and they go much deeper than skin tone, age, height, or other easily measurable demographic data. Understanding these personas and what they mean for your products can vastly improve your marketing budget ROI, not to mention enhance your product groups’ ability to empathize with the end customer.

Once you’ve identified the most common and profitable personas within the long tail you can target your marketing and product offerings to these groups. An example of the common profiles that typically emerge is as follows:

Have you mapped out customer personas for your company? What are they? And does everyone in your company know them? We challenge you to ask 5 people in your department if they know the core customer personas your company has. If the answers are less than 100% there’s an opportunity to deepen customer understanding and empathy within your company.

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